Sylvia Likens
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RIP Sylvia  / Jody Stoll (My fellow human )
Rest in peace Sylvia. I'm so sorry you went through the physical torture you went through in your short life. You are free from suffering now and are now in a much better place!! xxx Rest in Peace Sylvia! Jody , England
Be at Peace  / Vincent Metz

May God bless you and keep you. Your courage and strength through hardship will be the foundation upon which others who suffer will stand.

R.I.P dear Angel  / Hilijos Exume
I would like to pay my condolences to Sylvia Maria Likens. An innocent girl. When I look at her pictures I see a beautiful girl of great potential. Her life story has touched my heart and caused me to rethink of humanity in general. She was definitely strong. Her tragedy should have never happened! but I now know that Sylvia is now in a better and safer place. Keep on smiling, we love you.
sweet angel  / Zoe Grummett
Sylvia You are in my thoughts daily, I think of you often. Such a gorgeous young girl at the prime of her life I look at the photo of you smiling and that's how I remember you. You are now and will forever be remembered as our angel, only an angel could endure what you did. Rest sweet girl and remember so many people love you xxx
No words to explain  / Vignesh Raman
After reading your story I was broken. In what kind of world are we living in. I just can't believe a human mind can even think of such evil acts against an innocent child. Where is the compassion, forget about the love. Your pain was unbearable yet you endured it. You are the true Angel, an incarnation of christ. You have given a message to the world. Every child being saved from such atrocities will pray you for ever. You sacrificed yourself for the world. But, I still ask God, why you? Rest in peace my dear angel. Be with God. I pray to God to make you happy for eternity for not you suffer even in the slightest pain ever.
May your soul find final rest  / Baltazar Sova (Admirer)
Dear Sylvia, Today I have learnt about your tragic life and I cannot stop crying. Why that childs havn't cares about your pain? Had they same terrible sadist mind like Ger.. that beast? Why peoples don't cares about pain of other? Why they not help? I feel sorry for you Sylvia, you've been great person. I wish you will find great rest in heaven. I wish this happening will never repeat and you will live in the memory forever. I hope I will can stop similar terribles. Rest in Piece.
R.I.P / Cheryl M.
When I read your story, I cried more than I thought I could.
R.I.P  / Dottie H. (Friend)
We love you!
R.I.P / Laurentiu N. (Friend)
I can only pray that God, in His infinite wisdom, will offer both justice and mercy. May she forget every tear she shed, and go on to enjoy her life with God, that no man can destroy. Peace to her soul.
Sorrow / Jerry Luttrell (Friend)
I have known about you for many years, and yet it feels like we have just started this journey together. I tried to keep your killer in jail that day. When I see you again, your face will be as it was when I first laid eyes on you - your hair brushed back like an angel. Keep living for the Lord you served and take peace in his glory. Remain strong for us all.
R.I.P / Hans Katzel
Your story broke me.
R.I.P  / G. Smith (Friend)
On this day, many years ago, my life changed forever. Until then I had believed that evil was imaginary. Since that day, I cannot remember a week passing, when I have not thought of her, her suffering, and the breathlessness which came over me on seeing the incarnation of true evil, sitting there in that courtroom.
R.I.P / D. Church (Friend)
Every tear that falls, is an attempt by my soul, to embrace yours.
Though you are gone, you will never be forgotten.  / Chester Arthur (A posthumous friend )
I never knew Sylvia or her family personally. I first learned about her murder from a true crime book, when I was at university, and her case touched me very deeply. To paraphrase Charles Dickens "I really believed at the time that she broke my heart". With the advent of the Internet I began to learn more about her, and the more I read, the sadder it made me. Not just because of the horrible death she suffered at such a young age, but because with the exception of her sister, Jenny, she died alone. No one felt any compassion and love for her, to save her, or even treat her humanely. She was almost totally neglected. This world did not appreciate what a precious gem she was. And while it's great that so many people are expressing such love for her now, if they had done so in the last hours of her life, she may have been saved. The same world that abandoned her, while she was alive, has now discovered what a sweet girl she was. I hope Sylvia inspires us to love our fellow human beings more, and care enough about them to help them, and appreciate all the people close to us. For if we do not, and we lose them suddenly, we shall miss them when they're gone. If we can do this, then Sylvia will not have died in vain. May your memory be eternal, my sweet girl. Even though I never knew you, and have no doubt you are in a better place, I miss you, and wish you were still here.