Sylvia Likens
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Lester and Betty Likens are married.
January 3rd, 1949
Sylvia Marie is born in Lebanon, Indiana.
January 3rd, 1965
Sylvia turns sixteen and quits school.
July 3rd, 1965
Betty Likens is arrested for shoplifting. Sylvia and Jenny are invited to dinner at the Baniszewski house.
July 5th, 1965
Lester agrees to leave his girls with Gertrude Baniszewski.
July 11th, 1965
Lester's payment is late. The girls are slapped by Gertrude.
July 14th, 1965
Lester and Betty visit their daughters.
Late July, 1965
Gertrude paddles Sylvia.
Late July, 1965
Richard Hobbs visits 3850 for the first time.
August 1st, 1965
Paula Baniszewski breaks her wrist, punching Sylvia in the face.
Mid-August, 1965

Gertrude wrongly accuses Sylvia of stealing.

Mid-August, 1965
Lester and Betty are in Indianapolis for two weeks. They pay their daughters a visit around this time.
August 22nd, 1965
Sylvia and Jenny publicly confess their faith in church.
August 26th, 1965
Lester and Betty visit their daughters for the second time during their two-week stay in Indianapolis.
Late August, 1965
Neighbour, Phyllis Vermillion, visits the Baniszewski house, and witnesses Paula abusing Sylvia. She fails to report this.
Early September, 1965
Sylvia starts school at Arsenal Tech, where she also works in the cafeteria. John Jr. moves in with Gertrude.
Early September, 1965
Anna Siscoe beats Sylvia. Anna kicks her in the stomach, and Sylvia allegedly cries, "Oh, my baby".
Early September, 1965
Paula chokes Sylvia. Gertrude breaks them up, before saying, "Let them fight".
Late September, 1965
Paula leads Sylvia to the back door and tells her, "Get away and stay away. Get out for your own safety".
September 30th, 1965
Lester visits his girls.
October 5th, 1965
Lester and Betty Likens visit their daughters for the last time. Lester gives Sylvia money for shoes. He tells Gertrude he'll be back within three weeks.
October 6th, 1965

Sylvia attends Arsenal Tech for the last time.

October 12th, 1965
Sylvia is sent to the basement. The torture begins.
October 15th, 1965
Phyllis Vermillion visits for coffee and notices Sylvia's beaten and bruised face. She describes the child as "dazed, and looking as if she didn't care whether she lived or died". She again fails to report this to the authorities.
October 15th, 1965
Public Health Nurse, Barbara Sanders, visits 3850 after receiving a complaint from Mike Monroe's mother, concerning a child with open wounds. Gertrude tells the nurse that the child in question is Sylvia, and she has run away. Back in her office, the nurse writes "one-time only" in the case file, thus ensuring that no follow-up visit will occur.
October 22nd, 1965
John Jr. gives a starved Sylvia soup, and tells her to eat it with her fingers. After a few sips, he takes it away from her.
October 23rd, 1965
Sylvia is forced to insert a glass bottle into her vagina. Richard carves the words "I'm a prostitute and proud of it" onto her stomach. Together with Shirley Baniszewski, he then brands a number "3" onto Sylvia's chest.
October 25th, 1965
Gertrude swings the paddle at Sylvia, missing her, and giving herself a black eye. Coy Hubbard, Stephanie Baniszewski's boyfriend, visits and beats Sylvia with a broom handle, knocking her unconscious.
October 26th, 1965
Sylvia succumbs to her injuries, and dies. Cause of death is brain haemorrhage, shock, and malnutrition.
October 26th, 1965
Lester and Betty are in Florida when they receive a phone call, informing them of their child's death. Lester collapses.
October 29th, 1965

Sylvia Marie Likens is laid to rest.

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