Sylvia Likens
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Memorial Candles
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Jennifer P. lit a candle on 12/29/2013: "God bless your soul Sylvia. I pray you rest in peace and have no memory of the abuse inflicted on you."
P. H. lit a candle on 10/26/2013: "No more pain. You didn't deserve this. You are free. God bless your soul."
Toni A. lit a candle on 05/26/2013: "My heart is broken, but I have never felt such love, Sylvia."
Rosie H. lit a candle on 02/24/2013: "May the infinite love of God be your beacon of light to lead you peacefully into the realm of the angels."
Sherry Ann E. lit a candle on 02/10/2013: "Unforgettably wronged, unforgettably strong. One day we'll meet, and friends forever we shall be."
O. Malakhov lit a candle on 11/13/2012: "Such a tragedy can hardly be forgotten. You will live forever."
Mary Hankins lit a candle on 10/26/2012: "God's arms will forever protect you."
A. Sanchez lit a candle on 10/26/2012: "The Lord called you home. Rest in his arms."
S. Croy lit a candle on 10/26/2012: "May all know your name."
Susan Andrews lit a candle on 10/26/2012: "I'm sorry we failed you so terribly."
James T. lit a candle on 10/25/2012: "Angel of love with wings like a dove."
Iowa Mother lit a candle on 10/24/2012: "I sit here dumbfounded as to how anyone could inflict such pain on a child. I wish you peace."
D. Walker lit a candle on 10/08/2012: "I so hope you can feel our love."
Laura G. lit a candle on 09/13/2012: "Loved, honored and remembered."
Lisa B. lit a candle on 09/01/2012: "We remember!"
Alex D. lit a candle on 08/24/2012: "I wish I was there when you needed someone."
M. Williams lit a candle on 08/15/2012: "God rest your soul. You are safe now."
Christian V. lit a candle on 08/08/2012: "Tears the world will never forget."
J. F. lit a candle on 08/03/2012: "All flowers in time bend towards the sun."
Diana P. lit a candle on 07/30/2012: "Children are gifts. How could they do this? Your sweet smile haunts me."
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